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Advanced Office Environments, a preferred Haworth office furniture dealer in Philadelphia, creates transformative office spaces.

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Advanced Office Environments


August 01, 2015


Advanced Office Environments is a preferred Haworth office furniture dealer in Philadelphia. They are passionate about creating working, living, learning, and healing spaces that cultivate creativity and achieve their client’s goals. When we first met with AOE, they asked us to manage their social media; however, after reviewing their existing website, they agreed that a redesign was necessary. They needed to have a web presence that showcased their capabilities and served as a lead generation platform.

After meeting with the AOE team, our expert website designers in Philadelphia, PA built our first intuitive product search tool. This tool took the best practices of online shopping and combined it with how designers, architects, and customers would search for furniture – visually. We created filtering tools allowing AOE to easily upload photos of furniture, add a description, a link to a custom ZOHO lead generation form, and quickly tag the furniture by Division, Industry, and Solution. This tagging process allows website visitors to quickly sort the product line to discover a style, manufacturer, or solution they might not have thought of without digging through catalogs.

Another feature we built into this website is the Market Solutions tool. With the understanding that website visitors are only interested in what you can do for them, we wanted to have a way to easily showcase the same furniture that was loaded and tagged in the product search without creating additional work for our client. By filtering the products already tagged by industry, we were able to automatically showcase these items on the appropriate Market Solution page. This allows website visitors to browse the Market Solutions that apply to their need.

The next step is for us to integrate portfolio photos that can be tagged and searched by division, industry, and solution. We’ve also built out their presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, connect with their customers and vendors, and manage their voice on social media platforms on a daily basis.

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