Colorado Restaurant Association

Colorado Restaurant Association is a membership organization that caters to restaurant owners and vendors.

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Colorado Restaurant Association


March 01, 2017


CRA’s marketing manager was a previous client in another organization and reached out to us. They wanted to discuss updating their WordPress website and mobile app. And like most non-profits, the budget was a concern. Studio x., the leading digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, PA, did a cost-benefit analysis for them of maintaining their current site and completing their two mobile apps (one for Android and one for Apple) versus scrapping what they currently had and allowing us to start from scratch. By taking a step back and getting a broader understanding of the investment they would need to continue to make, it was clear that a new approach was required.

Our team of website designers in Philadelphia, collaborated with CRA to create a website that integrated with their current membership platform through a single sign-on and created additional tools that allowed CRA to keep their site fresh with member spotlights, news, and upcoming events.

Shortly after the website launched, they took the next step and decided to rebrand their organization. We worked closely with them to create a logo that represented their organization and delivered supporting marketing collateral that showcased their mission. We also created a stunning banner and tradeshow graphics.

We continue to work with the Colorado Restaurant Association to create engaging marketing collateral and roll out new features for their website.

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