Creating Lead Generating Websites

By Brambaly January 07, 2020

At Brambaly, we utilize our team's combined decades of web design and marketing experience to create stunning, lead-generating websites that work for your business.

While we have specific expertise in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale, we know that our easy-to-use platform can help convert for companies of all varieties and sizes!

So how does getting your new website built on Brambaly help result in lead generation?

We're glad you asked!

You Can Add Forms Where They Count

No doubt, having easy-to-access forms and contact information for your business is going to be an essential factor for bringing in online leads. If a potential client finds your site, likes what you offer, but can't figure out how to get in touch immediately- that means trouble.

Your website sits at the top of the sales funnel, and as your potential lead climbs from awareness to action, having guiding steps and multiple points of contact is crucial. 

Whether you develop a landing page, blog, or another piece of content on Brambaly, we can help you in adding a form that gathers the information you truly need from a prospect to follow-up and eventually close.

Take this page that we created for, for example. Not only does a user searching for these particular products and keywords end up with the ability to read and see so much about that item, but they also can click "Get Sample" for a specialized contact form! 

Once filled out, the information on this form will be available to you and/or your staff in the secured back-end of the site. Not only that, but you will know what model or product the user was looking at so that you can approach your response in a targeted and meaningful way.

Access to Performance Measurement

Expectation and reality can sometimes butt heads when results for lead generation start rolling in. You might think that you promoted your new product in all the right ways, on all the right platforms, and placed information on all the right portions of your site. And you might have! But on the ever-so-slight chance that fewer leads come in than expected- the ability to gain insight and revise accordingly is vital.

On your Brambaly lead generating website, we install Google Analytics on every-single-site and give you access to your information. By looking at the variety of ways that users move across your website, seeing how much time they spend on individual pages, and how that leads to conversions (or not) – plans for edits can become clearer, quickly.

Maybe you need to move your content to a more prominent spot on the website. Or it needs a shout-out or call-to-action (CTA) on the homepage. Whatever you deduce, the team at Brambaly is here to help you out with making adjustments as you see fit, or, we can analyze and make the adjustments for you!

Easy Placement for Calls to Action

As we just mentioned above, on your Brambaly website, we allow you to place clear and concise CTA's, calls to action, across your website without it being a hassle! 

Face it: when it comes to sales and shopping, humans like being told what to do. It's why the advertising industry has been around for as long as it has and why the new, sometimes creepy targeted ads you see via Google and Facebook are so impactful as well.

The more you tell users to "Click Here to Email Us for More Information" or "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" (to a non-spammy, certain extent), the more likely they will. That, or if they find this lacking on your site, they may find a competitor who more directly sets these indicators out for them. If you decide to create your CTA via submittable forms, hyperlinks in text, clickable graphics, video, or whatever futuristic CTA comes next- Brambaly can and will support it all across your site.

Ability to Expand

Lastly, Brambaly's innate ability to grow and expand with your business is a way that our websites can indeed generate leads. Through our marketing solutions, such as search engine optimization and social media, online ads, drip, and email marketing, and more, we will work with you to find the right solution for your business. 

All of these methods mentioned above are proven and effective means of driving web traffic, but not every single one is a fit for every-single-site or business. We will weigh the options with you and help you make the choice that makes the most sense for your business and budget!

The customer journey, from awareness to action, is ever-changing, and that is sure not to stop anytime soon. At Brambaly, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry to make sure that when there becomes a better way to get people your information instead of or before your competitors, we know how to vet it and adapt it if it checks out.

To start your brand-new lead generating website journey with Brambaly, CLICK HERE to contact our award-winning team today!

(How's that for a call-to-action?)

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