3 Strategies That The Best B2Bs Have In Common

By Brambaly January 29, 2020

Running and owning a successful B2B company can be complicated and grueling work at times; that's no secret.

Whether you spend time in the manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale world, you, without a doubt, are wearing many hats and have a list of priorities and responsibilities that will stretch longer than the length of this blog entry.

What isn't so complicated, however, is what some of the best companies, in this case, B2B companies, have in common when it comes to business strategy. 

Extrapolate a little bit. Every giant of commerce, from your Apples and Googles down to the very best vegan restaurant in your metropolitan area, although not necessarily strictly B2B, utilizes some of the same successful business marketing solutions.

At Brambaly, we create B2B websites on our platform and offer business marketing solutions that will help your company stay competitive and get to the top of the pack in your field. We can do that by ensuring your overall marketing plan and strategy includes some of the same things that the best B2Bs in your industry have.

By now, you might be asking yourself: "What do these best businesses have or do that I don't?"


They Have the Best Websites

From the biggest household names to the more obscure independent successes, the most renowned companies all have amazing websites. Of course, the term "amazing website" can be pretty subjective, depending on who is reading this article. But, we argue, that in this realm there are definitive ways you can judge if your current B2B website is indeed exceptional:

-Is your site mobile friendly?
-Can users easily navigate the site?
-Does it include several calls to action and routes to crucial conversion points?
-Is it modern looking and visually appealing?
-Does it allow for easy browsing of your product catalog?
-Can users contact you quickly no matter where on the website they land?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above, you might want to consider revamping your website presence. Brambaly offers subscription-based websites to help your manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale B2B have the best site with all of the above points covered!

They Champion Personalized Communication

Stepping off of the website itself, when it comes to business marketing solutions, personalization is vital. In a time where things like the internet are simultaneously pushing users apart but bringing them closer together all at the same time, many of your customers still want to know that there are flesh and blood humans on the other side of the line.

Automation and artificial intelligence are, without a doubt, amazing tools that help you get in touch and answer user questions like never before. But just like the best salespeople did and still do, adding that personal flair when engaging with a customer helps set you apart from the competition. Unless customers feel that their unique needs and concerns are top of mind, they might look elsewhere.

But how do you inject personalization in a world run by robots?

Make sure to respond using their NAME in direct messages, comments, personal emails, and/or phone calls! Today we all get so used to the fact that an automated message might be writing back or robocalling us that when an actual somebody says, "Oh hey Joyce, how are you?" – it can be both monumental and grounding.

Another one of the easiest ways to do this is to have them added to your mailing list. Mailing lists are a HUGE way to stay connected to your customer base, and some of the best allow for customization, like adding the person's name or interests to the email, as long as you store the info in a spreadsheet or their database correctly.

When it comes to their interests, make sure you have categorized tags in your mailing list that allows users to get specific news items, but maybe not ALL of them. Does your business sell sneakers, DVDs, and toothbrushes? Allow users to subscribe to the content they would like to, and make sure you aren't infringing on their valuable inbox space with spam.

Brambaly works actively in Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Hatchbuck for our clients' email marketing and can help yours too! We also have years' experience in social media and reputation management, both highly personal areas, and can take those tasks off your hands as well!

They Create the Greatest Content

Not-shockingly, at least to us, the last thing that all of the best B2B websites have in common is creating the most exceptional content out there. From blogs to videos of their products, detailed listing pages, blueprints or spec documents, to customer reviews and more: content is king in the internet era.

As with most aspects of your business marketing strategy, this one will take some research first. It is crucial to identify what your users or visitors will be looking for, how to deliver it to them, and how your competition is doing it as well.

Making sure you give your customers meaningful, valuable content that differentiates you is crucial in surviving online. Loading on tons of pointless, clickbait, or well-known material to your site to try and climb the search engine rankings won't help here. It's the creation and hosting of quality and informative content that is one of Google's highest priorities for ranking sites. Their bots and algorithms will come to know that you are writing expert articles and creating genuine content, and so will your targeted demographic.

Brambaly offers marketing solutions such as search engine optimization services, blog writing, and more that can help up your content game.

If any or all of the above "must-haves" are keeping your website from achieving true B2B greatness, don't fear, because Brambaly is here!

Give us a CALL OR A CLICK TODAY to discover the Brambaly difference and start your B2B company on a journey that puts you amongst the world's most significant in your respective field!

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