Product Listing Page Design

By Brambaly November 08, 2019

How Brambaly creates stunning product listing pages:

Whether you are considering creating a brand-new website for your manufacturing, distribution, or wholesale business, or migrating your existing one over to the Brambaly platform- making sure your products are correctly displayed is essential to your success.

So how does Brambaly elicit stunning product listing page design to help your business grow?

Simply put, we follow a handful of rules in creating layouts that we have tested relentlessly with clients over the years. Of course, many of the concepts adapt as new elements or styles in design and marketing become prominent, but many of them remain relatively the same.

Amongst our golden rules of product listing page design, we make sure that every Brambaly-built website has the following:

Brilliant Product Display

There are different trains of thought when it comes to things like grid versus list view for product pages, or how many products you should display per row. With Brambaly, we opted to go with grid design, as you would see on Amazon and about 3-4 products per row. That’s because we find that grid design usually allows for products with lots of supporting pictures to be shown and compared without too much focus going towards the (potentially) wordy details. At least, at first.

For example, if you have 100 different varieties of basketball shoes that you want to display on your product pages, letting users be the visual creatures that they naturally are to begin their shopping experience is in your favor. Allow them to sort first to their desired sport, then maybe through a few more details, like color or size, and then visually pick out what they want without finding out all of the nitty-gritty specifics up-front. Not only are these details not always necessary when just glancing or initially browsing, but they take up crucial space on the design too.

Of course, with that said, you can enter a bit of product detail that will show below each item listed if you desire. Not to mention, every product can be accompanied by a stunning thumbnail that you can provide our team with or upload yourself! To avoid image pixelation or distortion, each product should be a high definition picture. If you have questions about specific file types or sizes, you can always feel free to ask the expert Brambaly team too!

Intuitive Product Filtering + Navigation:

One of the features that we are most proud of at Brambaly is our state-of-the-art product filtering tools. We give your users the ability to filter down through several layers of categories to help them get to exactly what they are looking for in no time at all.

If you tag your products correctly, which is also extremely easy to do in the backend of your website, users will be going from “browsing” to “jackpot” in a few clicks. You can narrow your products by industry, application, solution, product line, colors, material, size, or whatever other adjective categories you want to create. Be as broad or as specific you would like, depending on your services offered and, ultimately, the number and variety of products you have in stock.

Not only is the filtering an essential portion of product listing page design, but so is navigation. Allowing users to access results in a few different ways will allow for greater success overall. You can have your product filtering navigation on the top of the page or in a column on the left-hand side. You can list 10, 20, 30 results on a page at a time- or have them spread across a few pages, accessible through page numbers at the bottom of the results. However you choose for this layout to display, every option is mobile-friendly, so no matter the screen your product listing page is being viewed on, it will always look marvelous.

Expandable Product Content: 

The final piece of the puzzle that is product listing page design is all of the details of your product! As we alluded to above, while users are just browsing through your catalog, you might not want to hit them with every little detail about every inch of your products upfront. Letting them sort from broad to more specific terms, and then once clicked, giving them the ability to dig in further is essential. Information overload at step zero can potentially turn consumers off and lead to fewer conversions.

Let users find what they are looking for, first with your filters and amazing thumbnails, and then let them discover things like the weight of the product, model number, related products, accessories or replacement parts, documentation for installation- so on and forth. We recommend including as much of this relevant content as possible on individual product pages, but again, maybe don’t have it be the first detail seen. That is unless these details are what your customer base NEEDS in the first place. You’ll know best, and we can help you set it up with Brambaly’s expert skillset and recommendations too!

For the better, budget-friendly, industry-leading product list page design of your manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, or other B2B business- give Brambaly a call or click today!

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