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By Brambaly October 17, 2019
Learn how Brambaly has harnessed years of experience to help create a platform with the best lead generating website design for our B2B clients.

With nearly twenty years of experience working alongside clients in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and other B2B industries, Brambaly has learned a thing or two about helping generate leads. Note: for the sake of this article, we will be referring to "leads" as potential customers that have not worked with you yet. 

To first backtrack a bit, over the years, lead generation has gone through some monumental changes, and Brambaly staff have seen these evolutions, many firsthand, all as the technology of the day ebbs and flows. 

From yellow pages phone calls to decks or postcards to the modern days of cookie-tracking and form submissions, and whatever comes next. We have learned the ways of the sales funnel and have adapted our strategies to create the best in lead generating website design for all of our clients, prospective and current.

Define Your Goals

Before we begin looking at how websites designed on the Brambaly platform generate leads more efficiently, we should probably examine what lead generation means to you. For some businesses, a lead is someone that fills out a "Sample Request" form on their site. For others, it is someone who clicks on the "Contact Us" page. Maybe, if you just started your business, anyone that clicks and finds your website then spends some time on it you can consider as a lead. Defining these ranges for YOUR unique business is something you should be discussing with your co-workers and partners. If you aren't quite sure, it is something that Brambaly can help you look at from a strategy point of view.

How Do We Do It

Okay, so now that you have your general concept of a lead in mind, let's dig into what Brambaly websites can include, and how they are best optimized to help get you that customer.

Forms: We give you the ability to place various types of fillable forms across your website for customers. Do you want them to be able to request a sample of a particular product with ease? No problem. What about having them email your customer service team for information on repairs? You got it. We can edit our easy to navigate forms to meet the needs of your business and to help potential customers get in touch without having to break a sweat.

Contact Information: Following in step with custom fillable forms, having your contact information readily available for customers to click on can help tremendously with lead generation. After all, if a potential customer can't figure out how to get in touch, how will you turn them into a regular client of yours? Making your contact information harder to find will likely result in users bouncing off of your site and going to your competitor, …and we can't have that!

Product Pages & Testimonials: Putting your best work on display is a great way to generate more leads. At Brambaly, we give you the ability to upload your product line, tag them with relevant categories, and attach all of the high-definition photos, videos, and spec information you could need to help a lead find and learn more about you. We also have testimonial pages available so that when you gather a positive review from a client, you can display it on your site. Maybe their friends in the industry will be searching for a company just like yours, and when they see all of the glowing reviews on your website, that will make them more likely to reach out to you.

Advanced tools: We also offer state-of-the-art tools, such as drip marketing and search engine optimization, to help with a lead generating website design. Brambaly can integrate high-concept cookie tracking technology on your site, which gathers the information of users that visit you, in real-time. We can then work with you to reach out to these customers, start regimented campaigns to keep your company top-of-mind, or see why they abandoned their search on your page. With continuous SEO work on your site, you also can move up higher in the Google search results for specific keywords, making your website more than likely the one that leads click when they search for someone in your industry.

Brambaly also offers the ability to export leads to spreadsheets/CSV files so that you can share your data with your sales team. Not only that, but we can run targeted ad campaigns to help find your ideal customer, can perform competitor industry research, and work on a custom marketing strategy that enables you to convert on your leads without being overbearing or insincere.

If creating a lead generating website for your manufacturing, distributing, wholesaling, or another B2B industry company is something of interest, take a demo and find out more by contacting the team at Brambaly today!

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