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By Brambaly December 04, 2019
As business owners and operators ourselves, Brambaly knows that there is a sort of hierarchy of priorities when it comes to running your company.

Many business owners don’t think about website maintenance being in the same category or level of importance as making sales and marketing, but for many B2Bs, it is.

Using our years of experience working with businesses just like yours, Brambaly developed a unique platform for the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, that won’t waste your valuable time! One of the most often overlooked, calendar-consuming portions of running a successful business is website maintenance and technology upgrades! 

Brambaly’s subscription-based website system is maintenance-free, meaning that you or your web person doesn’t have to spend excessive time working on, or reading about crucial online issues like:

Mobile Friendliness

When “Mobilegeddon” struck a few years ago, some of the top brands in the world were left scrambling to figure out how to comply with new Google standards. Many reputable companies, to this day, still don’t have a mobile-friendly website and are being penalized in search rankings as a result. Not to mention, with the growing number of invaluable online sales and website views coming through mobile phones and technology, having a site that is adaptive across all devices, like your website will be with Brambaly, is crucial. When the next Mobilegeddon or similar update comes along, we will take care of making sure your website is ready-to-go, all without any maintenance required from you or your staff!

Google Updates

Speaking of Google updates, it’s no secret that they are the real innovators and rule-makers when it comes to new web technology these days. If your site doesn’t fall in-line with the new initiatives they are pursuing, it’s easy to get lost in search results, and subsequently, lose some measurable piece of potential business. Brambaly keeps as close an eye we can (Google never releases many of its initiatives for public knowledge) on all of the constant changes Google makes to their algorithms. We adapt the back-end of your maintenance-free website with no extra charge to you!

Privacy Concerns

In a world where we store more and more of our data in the digital cloud, and one single hack and leak can mean everything falls apart for you and your business, internet security is an ever-growing concern. At Brambaly, we design sites with and have the ability to install SSL Certificates on them, with no maintenance needed on your end. Having an SSL (easily identifiable by a little padlock next to your URL in a browser bar) means that all data passed between your site and a visitor is secure, which is a necessity if you are capturing credit card numbers or making online sales. Even without making online transactions, having an SSL shows potential customers that you are legitimate, and it’s safe to do business with you.

Besides SSLs, Brambaly is continuously working with clients to keep ahead of new regulations and rules that must be met, including the GDPR, newly instated CalOPPA, and any other data/cookies and security policies in the future. Again, this requires no maintenance on your end. Brambaly will take care of these complicated and time-consuming issues for you. 

Compliance + Future Proofing

Lastly, related to the policies mentioned above, making sure your website is compliant not only with current standards but future-proofing you, is part of Brambaly’s no maintenance website plan. For instance, currently, we offer the ability to add an ADA compliant widget to websites. Wondering what that is? Click the little light blue person logo in the top right of our site to see what we mean! 

Major B2B manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors have gotten into some hot water by not having ADA compliant websites in the past year or so. We imagine that with the passing of Acts, like WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508, requiring these widgets to be available so that all internet users can successfully navigate your site, that this will be an area you hear more and more about in the future! Avoid legal exposure. Let Brambaly take care of the maintenance of this and any other future acts and policies that may impact your business for you!

To find out more information about how Brambaly designs maintenance-free websites for B2B manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and more, CLICK HERE to schedule a demo with our expert team today!


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